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Driftwood (Slim Wood) | Aquarium or Fish Tank Decoration Wood


  • Aquarium Driftwood Aquascaping Slim Wood is Natural Handcrafted driftwood
  • Due to Mother nature – Each tree / branch is unique in shape & size
  • Good for all planted or freshwater aquariums / tank aquascaping
  • It Helps Balance pH Levels & ideal for fishes & Shrimp
  • Create a Stunning aquascape with combination of multiple wood
  • Easy care & Maintenance if you have follow the per-treatment steps

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Slim wood is a brand-new type of driftwood. The favorable characteristic of this Driftwood is that it features slender and outspreading branches.

*Please note that there will be a noticeable color variation; some may have a darker appearance than others.


  • Please rinse it with water before use.
  • As it is natural driftwood, it has differences in shape and color. We are not able to take requests for specific shapes.

Natural wood branches vary due to Mother nature – each branch is unique
The actual product you received may different from pictures shown.

  • Natural slim Driftwood
  • Small Fish Tank and Aquarium Decor
  • Contains Water Softening Tannic Acid
  • Helps Condition and Balance pH Levels
  • 100% Real Wood (No Chemicals)
  • Handcrafted Artistry
  • Easy to Setup and Maintain
  • Safe for Shrimp and Fish

You should do the following treatment Before placement

  • wash and clean the driftwood with brush
  • Boil it in hot water for about 2-3 hours to release the tannin, until the water color do not change, Repeat the steps if needed
  • Soak it into normal temperature water, for about 7 days
  • Take it out and wash the driftwood
  • soak it into potassium hypertonic acid solution for 20 minutes and take it out and wash it in clean water
  • After above process, you can put the driftwood aside for 2 days with some water on it. After that, you can take it out and wash it again, then you can use it in the tank decoration.


The pre-treatment process is for reference only. Please preprocess according to the actual situation. Besides, better to decoration your fish tank with the driftwood, First landscaping, then put the fish into the fish tank.

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