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Elephant Skin Stone is one of our personal favorites. It’s the product of thousands of years of weathering and water erosion that gives it the elephant skin-like texture. The beauty of this rare stone can really set your aquascape apart from others. Some pieces have natural “dimples” and random craters, perfect for plants to grow on or shrimps to explore.

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  • Elephant Skin Stone is a sedimentary rock composed of mostly calcium magnesium carbonate and is commonly called Dolomite Rock, Dolomitic Limestone, and Dolostone.
  • It is very heavy and comes in various shades of gray or reddish-brown, the Oxidized iron and magnesium make the rock appear browner or reddish-brown.
  • It increases the pH of water making it alkaline.
  • It has a unique texture as it is got by years of weathering and natural erosion, giving it a leathered, wrinkled appearance. Having said that, Elephant Skin stone is the best-textured rock used in aquascaping.
  • It is a hands-down choice by aquascapers, as it makes amazing background scapes and centerpieces.

Why is it an ideal pick by aquascapers?

Aquascapers love this rock as it has many crevices and rugged textures making it an ideal stone to create a natural look with any aquascaping project.

Best choice for Iwagumi aquascapes

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