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Twinstar B Line (Version II) Planted | Freshwater Aquarium WRGB Light


Twinstar C Line (Version III) Planted | Freshwater Aquarium WRGB Light

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Twinstar E Line (Version IV) Planted | Freshwater Aquarium ORGB Light


 Product Highlight:

  • New EA series Ver. IV increased the RGB LED ratio even more, as a result, the color of plants is more enhanced in the Green hue
  • The new spectrum shows the “TRUEST COLORS” with more “BALANCE COLOR” and “OPTIMAL BRIGHTNESS”
  • Ideal color temperature promotes optimal plant growth
  • High-precision metal processing technology with a tolerance of 0.01 mm.
  • Built-in Twinstar controller/dimmer/timer enables multi-functions and extra adjustability
  • Makes the colors of the fish appear more luminous

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The EA series Ver. IV LED is not only the latest version but also the most advanced mid-range model from TWINSTAR.

It is a powerful full-spectrum aquarium LED lighting system capable of making richer and more vibrant color reproduction for your fish and aquatic plants.

The main advantage of this Twinstar EA Ver. IV LED lighting system is that it contains the new “Orange Color LED”, which has been custom adjusted to the spectrum requested by the manufacturer. 

Twinstars’ Orange Color LED is not just another typical LED light introduced to the market. It is a result of extensive research and development and was carefully crafted in Twinstar’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Korea.

Witness the unique spectrum range of Twinstar’s amber LED from 380-780 nm. After more than three years of rigorous development, this unparalleled global technology ensures that the growth of your aquatic plants is not only in survival mode but also thriving in opulence.

In addition to the usual color highlights using blue LEDs with a peak at 464nm~480nm and red LEDs with a peak at 617nm~630nm, the mix of the spectrum focused primarily on everything green in the aquarium. Plants not only become greener, the colors of the leaves are more vivid and differentiated than under many other LED lights.

The Twinstar In-line dimmer is included with the light. The dimmer can be set to 6, 8, or 10 hours of lighting and 7 levels of brightness. In addition, it has a 10-minute sunrise and sunset function. There is an On/Off button to turn the light on and off at any time.

Moreover, the ” Slow start and down” function, which turns on and off slowly for 10 minutes, provides a stable habitat for the aquarium fishes.

The premium finish of the surfaces and the solid, robust design clearly sets Twinstar lights apart from other lights.

Thanks to the adjustable bracket, the Twinstar Light IV EA is suitable for aquariums of different sizes.

TWINSTAR Ver. IV EA-Series Product Catalog:


  • Full-spectrum LEDs for optimum color reproduction
  • The new customized Orange LED by TWINSTAR produces an ideal spectrum for plant growth and enhances visibility for your eye

  • Sleek, lightweight, and minimalist design

  • Operation temperature: 0° – 32°C (32° – 90°F)
  • Type of LED: RGB-W, Samsung LED, Nichia LEDRGB-W
  • Lifespan: 30,000 hours
  • Limited Warranty: 1 year


Model Glass Thickness LED QTY LED QTY Lumens Wattage
600EA Up to 12mm Orange: 35 RGB: 52 2100lm 40W
900EA Orange: 56 RGB: 90 2600lm 52W
1200EA Orange: 56 RGB: 100 3050lm 61W


Model Length Width Height
600EA 587mm 75mm 111m
900EA 887mm
1200EA 1187mm


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600EA, 900EA, 1200EA


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