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NY Aquarium Purity Bag | Bag for NY Purity Media

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NY Aquarium N75 Culture Bacteria Stone (3 Liter Pack)

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NY Aquarium Water Purification Box | Aquarium or Fish Tank Filter Media


  • Rapid Water Purification
  • Stable Water Quality
  • Remove Toxins
  • Super Bacteria Culture

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It is made of premium material for and practical use. easy to install and use. great tank filter. suitable for tank or aquarium. It can make you living place cleaning and safe.


Ultra Absorption Filtration Activated Carbon Aquarium Filter:

Honeycomb design, ultra-absorption activated carbon block, solid composition, no powder, no impurities, will not cause black water. filtration and absorption of any dirt, bacteria or chemicals that may be harmful to the health of pet fish, allowing your pet fish to absorb healthier water.

How to Use:

100% safe and reusable, just wash warm water before putting it back in the water tank. Do not place the mesh filter down, as it will block and affect the filtering effect. For best results, flush or replace the filter every 3 to 6 months.

Aquarium Filter Keep Water Clean:

Filters and absorbs any dirt, bacteria or chemical that may be harmful to the health of your pet fishes. The adsorbed material is firmly controlled and oxidized to improve the filtration efficiency. Say goodbye to the troubles of the ever-changing cloudy aquarium water. Instead, their health level is increased in the process due to cleaner water.

Carbon Cube Fish Tank Cleaner:

Unclean aquariums are harmful to the life of pet fish. With the help of this eco-aquarium water purifier cube, keep the water pet habitat safe.


  • Material: Plastic, Activated carbon.
  • Size: About 6x6x5.5cm/10x10x10cm
  • Recommend:
    FISH TANK SIZE: Below 60CM 1pc
    FISH TANK SIZE: 60-90CM 2pc
    FISH TANK SIZE: 100-1800CM 4pc
    ABOVE 200CM: 5pc
  • This filter is easy to install and convenient to use, simple and practical.
  • Through the structure, greatly improve the adsorption filtration effect, rapid and effective purification of quality, maintain clear and bright healthy quality.
  • The effect of filter is good, and the tank will be clean and safe.

About the Brand: No.1 NY Aquarium

Package Includes: 1 x Aquarium filter media

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N78 (Small), N80 (Large)


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