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Aquatic Venturez Arctic Shrimps (20 Grams)

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Aquatic Venturez Vitamix Power (120ml)

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Aquatic Venturez Artemia Cysts (20 Grams)

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Brine shrimps eggs for breeders

  • Feed for newly born fishes
  • Highly nutritious
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Artemia Cysts are considered the world’s finest quality feed for newly born fishes and are being used by breeders and hobbyists to feed the fish fries. Recently hatched nauplii contain over 60% protein and are rich in fatty acids and pigments, which play an active role in nutrition at the beginning of their lives.

Usage Instructions

  1. Add 25g of aquarium salt in 1 liter of RO water and mix well until the salt dissolves completely. (We recommend using AQUATIC VENTUREZ Aqua Salt.)
  2. Consider heating the water at 28-30° C range and add an airline tube set with a moderate to heavy bubbling.
  3. Measure 1 spoon (given inside) of Artemia Cysts for 1 liter of water volume and add them to the bubbling water.
  4. Wait for 24-36 hours and the newly hatched nauplii are ready to be fed.

Brine Shrimp Eggs


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