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ZRDR | Wyin Co2 Monitor Fluid


  • Aquarium CO2 Monitor pH Indicator Solution
  • Suitable for Long-term CO2 monitoring
  • Simply add couple drops of test solution into the checker.
    Stick the checker on the inside edge of the aquarium.
    Ensure water level cover the opening of the checker.
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Benefits of Using CO2 Regulator in Your Fish Tank

  • Healthy Looking Plant life.
  • Healthy Fish.
  • Combating Growth of Algae.
  • Solid made of all-metal material, durable and sturdy
  • Sealing technology assures no leaking issues• Easy install, all tools, and materials included to get started
  • Convex design inside the bottle bottom improved pressure resistance
  • Various capacities to choose from
Product description:
Aquarium co2 monitor
Model Number: W00-23
The necessity of monitoring the concentration of CO2 has always been a misunderstanding among most novice waterweed players, which is to use the air intake of the bubble counter to determine the CO2 content of the water plant tank. However, it is affected by the power of the filter. The direction of water flow, changes in water temperature and many other factors, which are far from the true dissolution of CO2 in the water plant tank, are why some people suspect that the equipment is advanced and running, and the state of the water plants is not ideal.
Product advantage:
  1. The material is thick, the materials are solid, and the channel is thickened. It looks very similar to similar products on the market, but the details are very different! The diameter of the channel is close to twice that of similar products on the market, which greatly facilitates the addition of monitoring liquid and the diffusion of air molecules, shortening the reaction time of the monitoring liquid.
  2. No dilution of the monitoring solution, avoid the trouble of blending, each bottle has a large capacity of 15ml! One bottle can be used 5-6 times, and the monitoring fluid is changed every month.


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