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Twinstar Aqua Cradle (M90) | Stand for Nano & Yotta Sterilizers

Original price was: ₹2,000.00.Current price is: ₹1,500.00.

Twinstar Aqua Cradle (M90) | Stand for Nano & Yotta Sterilizers

Original price was: ₹2,000.00.Current price is: ₹1,500.00.
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Twinstar Yotta Plus Sterilizer

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  • Suitable for tanks from approx. 50 – 430 litres
  • Prevents fish diseases
  • Only for freshwater tanks
  • Including electrode
  • Inhibits green algae
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It’s a powerful and smart sterilizer for the prevention of fish disease

TWISTER YOTTA kills fish disease or mold spores that inflow irregularly from outside or inhibit their growth of them to keep aquarium fish safe.

It is designed not to affect important biological balance for the preservation of the closed ecosystem, so the user can manage the aquarium easily and safely, and prevent fish disease.

Cause and pathway of fish disease 

Fish disease is caused by a combination of 3 factors, such as the environment, immunity, and fish pathogens. If the environment is, immunity is lowered and pathogens increased.

The fish disease will occur. Pathogens are everywhere in the air or water, or inside of the fish body, but healthy fish have immunity against pathogens so that they can’t get a disease. But if water quality declines or water temperature changes drastically, fish’s immunity will decrease and pathogens will increase, then they will have a higher risk of disease.

Sterilizing power is 2 times, and lifespan is 3 times, compared to UV sterilizer.

TWINSTAR effectively kills fish disease by strong sterilizing factors, so it doesn’t need to run 24 hours like a UV sterilizer.

TWINSTAR algorithm doesn’t affect aerobic bacteria and helps to kill the pathogen, so it’s safe. Sterilizing power of a UV sterilizer in a general aquarium can rapidly drop after 3 months but TWINSTAR keeps performance over 10-12 months.

TWINSTAR was evaluated and tested by the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute, the most authoritative institution specializing in the marine area. 

TWINSTAR was evaluated through the application tests for the ecological l environment in partnership with the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute.

Through 1,200 times tests for killing fish diseases, TWINSTAR was designed for optimum performance and its stable operation in an aquarium.

Performance evaluation of sterilization passed through E.coli Test and aquarium fish diseases, such as Saprolegniasis, Columnaris, White Cloud disease, Edward disease, and Herpes virus.


Test Organizations

  • The National Fisheries Research and Development Institute,
  • TWINSTAR Research and Development Institute,
  • The Little Pond Aquarium Breeding House.

The National Fisheries Research and Development Institute is Korea’s leading professional organization in the fisheries sector assessment, and it has tested and certified the TWINSTAR. 

TWINSTAR has examined empirical tests in collaboration with the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute and has been certified.

By repeating empirical tests more than thousands of times, TWINSTAR studied to find the best value that can sterilize to kill pathogens without adverse effects on life in aquariums.


  • Prevents fish diseases;
  • Increases the rate of reproduction;
  • Helps skeletal development of juveniles;
  • Promotes a healthy ecosystem in its colony of prawns.

 Effect on type of pathogens:

  • E-Coil
  • Saprolegniasis
  • White clouds disease
  • Edward disease
  • Herpes virus

Package includes:

  • YOTTA PLUS IC unit controller
  • Reactor M9
  • Suction cups
  • Power adaptor
  • User manual



Treating Capacity (L)

  • 50 to 430 Liter (Approx:13 to 119 Gallon)

Serving Tank Size (cm)

Mode 1:

  • W45xD27X30 (cm) ~ W60xD30xH36 (cm)

Mode 2:

  • W60xD45X45 (cm) ~ W90xD45xH45 (cm)

Mode 3:

  • W90xD45X45 (cm) ~ W120xD60xH60 (cm)


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