Shanda Internal Filter (SDF-700 Series)


  • Complete biological and mechanical filtration system to maintain the water quality
  • Suitable for both tropical and cold-water aquariums
  • The filter sponge absorbs dirt and clears the water

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  1. An air driven filter which effectively oxygenates and filters aquarium water.
  2. Biological, chemical and mechanical filtration is maximized by a three level filter system which effectively traps debris and biologically cleanses water.
  3. Removable filter box makes it easier during installation or maintenance.
  4. Fully adjustable water and air flow rate gives you the flexibility of diverting the water flow and at the same time regulate the output volume.


Model SDF-7005 SDF-7006 SDF-7007
Flow Rate 1000Ltr/hr 1400Ltr/hr 1800Ltr/hr
Voltage AC 220v to 240v AC 220v to 240v AC 220v to 240v
Power 6W 8W 10W


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SDF-7005, SDF-7006, SDF-7007


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