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ZRDR | Wyin Stainless Steel Diffuser

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1. CO2 diffuser, simple installation, excellent effect
2. Excellent dissolution rate of carbon dioxide, making your aquatic plants more lush and beautiful
3. One-piece design atomizing film to prevent air leakage, bubbling evenly, and prevent big bubbling
4. Polished design, comfortable and beautiful
5. Pagoda shape interface, easy to install, prevent leakage, specification


CO2 diffuser Material:
stainless steel and ceramic Color:
as shown size: 250mm.300mm.350mm.400mm.70mm.

Package Included:

1 xCO2 diffuser*1.5m pipe * 2 fixed suction cup

manual measurement, so error of 1-2CM


7cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm


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