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Xinyou XY-1831


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Product Name: Xinyou XY-1831 Filter Cotton Biochemical Cotton

Product Specification: 100*13.5*3CM

Diameter: 1.5MM

Product Weight: 90g

Product Description:

1. This product is suitable for sea water tank, fresh water tank, water tank, size Freely cut.

2. High density gap and softness to ensure filtration.

3. Decompose excreta and feed residue to improve water filtration and cleaning. The effect is better. Reduce fish mortality.

How to use: Before use, please put the filter cotton in the tank water completely and then put it into the filter tank to ensure the smooth flow during filtration. This filter is thicker. If your filter box is light, it is recommended. You can tear the filter cotton in between to ensure proper water flow. If the filter cotton is dirty, it should be cleaned in time to keep the filtration environment clean. After cleaning for several times, the fiber needs to be replaced after loosening to ensure the filtration effect.


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