TCFM Aquarium Planted Tank Stainless Steel Wave Scissor (25cm)


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TCFM Aquarium Planted Tank Stainless Steel Curved Scissor (25cm)


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Stainless Steel Curved Scissors – Water plant Stainless Clamper is manufactured by very high-quality German non-stain steel material. It is designed through various economic considerations to provide planters with comfort whilst using them.

It is used to chop back aquatic plants in some difficult-to-reach areas of the aquarium.

The long blades of these scissors are especially useful for cutting back larger plant groups, saving a lot of time. These scissors are so long, you can still cut back the plants to the substrate, even in high tanks.

This pair of scissors makes trimming, rearranging, pruning, and grooming aquarium plants simple and precise. This set of scissors is excellent for quickly pruning huge bunches of stem plants.

These stainless steel curved scissors aid in the maintenance of a carpet of foreground plants as well as the creation of a precisely shaped aquatic stem plant hedge or bush. They’re also excellent for removing aquatic moss off aquarium driftwood, stones, and other substrates.

This very useful aquascaping tool can assist with aquarium maintenance by eliminating dirt from the bottom. With this instrument, routine maintenance becomes as simple and comfortable as possible.

Key features

  • Stainless steel of the highest quality
  • Cutting plants in more difficult-to-reach areas is a breeze with this tool.
  • The blade is curved for improved flexibility.
  • Allows effortless work.

* Remember to rinse and dry after each use, keep away from children and pets.


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