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NY Aquarium Titanium Heater


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  • NO.1 Aquarium Titanium Heater, with high accuracy control, reliable, strong and premium heater for your aquarium.

NO.1 Aquarium Titanium Heater


• High End Titanium heating body with high safety and anti-corroded

• Precise temperature control

• Suitable to sea water and freshwater

• To maintain the water temperature, prevent fluctuation home temperature when opening of air conditioner

• Frequent use to increase the water temperature during fish medical treatment.

• Adjustable temperature to meet your need.

Specification –

Model: 1. Power 300w, estimate for 200-300L, up to 4ft tank

2. Power 500w, estimate for >400L, above 5ft tank

Dimension: Length 270 mm; Diameter 28 mm; (SUPER SHORT)


300W, 500W


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