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NLS Medium Fish Formula


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NLSpectrum Medium size for mid size fish        
New Life Spectrum MEDIUM FISH formula is a Premium Fish Food, a hormone-free color enhancing formula.
Spectrum food is made with high-quality easily digestible krill, herring and squid protein with all-natural color-enhancing ingredients
for a balanced diet that boosts immune system function and enhances the full spectrum of your fish’s color.
It provides essential elements found in the natural environment that is missing in aquariums.


New Life Spectrum MEDIUM
  • Non-Medicated Anti-Parasitic Formula
  • 2mm Sinking Pellet
  • Freshwater/Saltwater
  • High-quality, easily digestible krill and fish meal protein
  • Balanced daily diet for all fresh and marine fish
  • Enhances the full spectrum of your fish`s color



Feeding Instructions
Feed twice daily
. Amount should be able to be consumed by the fish within 1-2 minutes.




2mm (250gm)


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