Lifesonic Master Water Test Kit (100 Tests)


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Brand: Lifesonic

Applicability: Anywhere for water testing
No. of tests per kit: 100 (25 tests each of Ammonia, pH, Nitrate , Nitrite)

Reading ability:
Ammonia: 0-8 PPM
pH: 4-11
Nitrare: 0-160 PPM
Nitrite: 0-5 PPM
Expiry date : 3 years from the Mfg.

Test methodology: Chemical baesd

Things provided in box:
Plastic Box:1
Reagent Bottles: 9
Colour matching chart: 4
Test Vial : 4 (8 ml capacity)
Syringe: 1 (2 ml capacity)
Scoop: 1
User Guide:1


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