Lifesonic Ammonia Test Kit (100 Tests)


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Brand: Lifesonic
Applicability: Anywhere for water testing
No. of tests per kit: 100
Reading ability: 0-8 PPM
Expiry date : 3 years from the Mfg.
Test methodology: Salicylate method (three bottle system)
Things provided in box: Reagent Bottles 3
Reagent 1: 20ml
Reagent 2: 15ml
Reagent 3: 20ml
Colour matching chart: 1
Test Vial : 1 (8 ml capacity)
Syringe: 1 (2 ml capacity)

Methodology: Test Procedure:
1. Fill the Test vial with 2 ml of pond/ tank water using syringe.
2. Add 4 drops of Reagent 1 followed by 2 drops of reagent 2 and 4 drops of Reagent 3.
3. Close the cap and mix rigorously for five seconds.
4. Leave the tube for Five minutes and compare the colour with colour card.


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