Bubbles n Troubles Essential Starter Pack | Size: 4 x 40ml


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Introducing Bubbles n Trouble’s starter pack!

This pack is all that you need to start out!

Pack contains :

Aqua Safe:

Tap water contains various chemicals and toxins that can be harmful to fish if le untreated. AQUA SAFE WATER CONDITIONER removes these toxins instantly. Tap water contains chemicals, such as chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals, which are harmful to fish.
Tap water must be treated before adding fish to make sure they remain healthy. AQUA SAFE WATER CONDITIONER instantly removes chlorine and neutralizes chloramines. It also detoxifies heavy metals in tap water. AUQA SAFE is well concentrated but kept in mind to keep your fish safe and healthy.


  • Dechlorinates aquarium and tap water
  • Detoxifies heavy metals
  • Safe for all aquatic life
  • Replaces fishes’ lost skin slime
  • Use in both fresh and salt water
  • Makes A Safe Environment For Your Aquatic Pets


  • Shake bole well before using. To remove chlorine and detoxify heavy metals:
  • Add 1 drop for each 1 U.S. gallons (3.7L)
  • Add 1 ml for each 10 U.S. gallons (37 L)
  • AUQA SAFE is not a medication and is not intended to be a substitute for any chemotherapies agent
  • Non-Toxic To Humans, Pets & Aquatic Life
  • For Ornamental pond and aquarium fish use only.
  • Not for human, medical, or food fish use.


BNT’s BACTOSPLASH nitrifying bacteria allows for the instant addition of fish, as it immediately starts the natural aquarium cycle with beneficial bacteria, BactoSplash contains a synergistic blend of aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria which aids in breaking down of waste organics, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. BACTOSPLASH activates the ecosystem in the aquarium when starting up a new system (shortens the aquarium “set-up-phase”), after cleaning and after changing filtration media, after microbiological impairment due to medical treatment, in case of an imbalance in the ecosystem (ammonium/ammonia, nitrite, nitrate), for regular fortification of the ecosystem (fortnightly application recommended). BACTOSPLASH nitrifying bacteria may be used in both fresh and saltwater aquariums. Direction of Usage: Shake Well Before Usage First time usage: 5ml for 100 Liters Weekly dosage of 2.5ml per 100 Liters

  • Fast reduction of toxic ammonia and nitrite level in the target medium.
  • Helps complete the nitrogen cycle within the target eco-systems.
  • Aids in Treating New Tank Syndrome.
  • Liquefies dead cell of phytoplankton and organic sediments.
  • Naturally controls phytoplankton bloom during the culture period.
  • Stabilizes pH during day and night.
  • Works in both SALTY and FRESH water
  • Keeps aquarium water crystal clear
  • Reduces BOD/COD, thereby increasing dissolved oxygen for higher survival rate of the inhabitants.

Nature Care:

BUBBLES N TROUBLES NATURE CARE is an all-natural bacterial treatment that works to treat infections in fish. Common bacterial infections are open wounds and abrasions, tail rot, eye cloud, and mouth fungus. Nature Care even promotes regrowth of damaged fins and tissue. Some fish bought in pet stores are already carrying diseases at me of purchase, which may be difficult to detect in its early stages. Nature Care may be used when adding fish to an aquarium – particularly to smooth the transition from store to home – and if an infection is suspected, but not yet diagnosed. BNT’s Nature Care will not adversely affect the biological filter, alter the pH, or discolor water. It is safe for use in freshwater, saltwater, and reef aquariums, and in aquariums with live plants. Dose for the recommended amount of 􀆟me as directed on the label, and in accordance with the size of your aquarium.


  • Reduces risk of disease
  • All-natural and bacterial treatment
  • Heals open wounds and abrasions
  • Treats tail rot, eye cloud, & mouth fungus
  • Promotes re-growth of damaged fin rays and tissue

Use Nature Care when:

  • Adding fish
  • Smoothing the transition from store to home
  • Treating bacterial infections
  • During fish problem solving

Sea Tonic:

BNT’s Sea Tonic is a blend of most essential salts which energizes sluggish & run down fish, helps in improvement in digestion. Regular use of Sea Tonic helps to keep fish healthy and stress free enabling them to better keep disease organisms at bay with their own immune systems DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 1.Add 1ml of Sea Tonic per 2 gallon (8 liters) to freshwater aquarium. 2.Use after every water charge with BNT’s Aqua Safe water conditioner Do not exceed stated dose. Do not add salt to the water Treats up to 900 liters of tank water.


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