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Bubbles N Troubles Batlymas Shrimps


Expiry Date: November 1, 2022

Ideal for Koi carp, Cichlids, pond fish, large tropical fish, turtles, terrapins, frogs, poultry, toads newts & even birds

100% Natural Quality Pet Feed

Baltymas Shrimps by Bubbles N Troubles are whole-all-naturally packed with protein, minerals and vitamins plus Essential Fatty Acids for various fish, aquatic amphibians and reptiles, poultry, and wild birds. The addition of Garlic Extract delivers the nutritional benefits of raw garlic to fishes along with Vitamin C will help your pet in digestion along with strengthening fish’s immune system against viruses & parasites.


BNT’s Baltymas Shrimps are an alternative to traditional meat & fish sources that is fully suited to your pet’s digestive system and an excellent source of sustainable PROTEIN for Aquaculture, animal feed and pet nutrition. A great natural food to improve color, skin & growth & will aid internal digestion. Use as a dietary supplement or treat and only feed when temperature is 16oC or above.


Crude Protein< 55 %
Crude Fiber4.8 %
Crude Fat8 %
Max. Moisture7 %



  • FLASH-DRIED to lock in nutrients and flavor
  • An excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals
  • Produced FRESH in India
  • Garlic Extract to increase the weight to feed ratio along with strengthening fish’s immune system against viruses & parasites.

STORAGE GUIDE: Store in cool dry place, Avoid Direct sunlight.

FEEDING GUIDE: Incorporate into 20-30% of daily diet, or feed as a high protein meal 3-4 times a week

INGREDIENTS : Dried River Shrimps, Garlic Extracts and Vitamin C.



25 Grams, 50 Grams


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