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Aquaria Clay Ball | Size: 1 Liter


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Provides crystal clear water in your aquarium and pond. Binds phosphates and reduces algae growth. Very light and self-cleaning filter media.

In big ponds and aquariums the increased metabolism due to high fish populations often leads to increased water pollution. For this reason Clay Ball were used in Aquariums.

Aquaria Clay Ball should be washed under warm, running water before adding it to the filter tray.  During the first filling of the filter the bacteria need approximately 2-4 weeks to reach about 70% of the filtration performance. After 4-6 weeks nearly 100% of the filtration  performance is accomplished. The colonization time can be reduced by using bacterial cultures.

This biological filter media are made from 100% freshly mined raw clay material.


Rinse before use. There is no prescribed limit on quantity usage as it completely depends upon the Bio-Load of the Aquarium. For most effective use, Aquaria Clay Ball should be placed in a filter so as to maximize the flow of water through it.

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Product: Aquaria Clay Ball 1ltr

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