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Aquanature Chlorine Erase Advance (250ml)


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Expiry Date: August 1, 2024


Chorine Erase Advance water conditioner makes tap water safe for fish by removing chlorine and heavy metals from tap water, and contains the healing power of Aloe Vera to reduce fish stress by up to 50% and to heal damaged tissue and wounds.

Use in aquarium keeping

Use to treat fresh tap water before you add it to your aquarium.when setting up a new aquarium, doing a water change, topping up your aquarium or when adding new fish.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.if ingested drink water, seek medical attention immediately. If in eyes flush with water, if irritation continues, seek medical attention.


Push 4 time Equal to (5 ml) per 50 US gallons (200 L) of tap water to remove of chlorine. To treat tap water for new aquariums or water changes.

Expert Use

 To treat live aquarium water: 1) push 4 time Chlorine Erase Water Conditioner Advance per 50 US gallons.Keep pumps running. 2)Handling, netting, or adding fish to a bag for the trip home from the store

Treats : 250 ml Treats up to 2000 gallons


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