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Aquael Ultra Canister Filters


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Aquael has created a powerful and compact external filter with their Ultra Filter that is easy to operate and maintain. This convenience is evident in both easy access to the filter baskets and the shut-off valve for safe maintenance. This makes changing filter media and cleaning easy.
Particularly quiet operation is provided by the ceramic rotor axles, so use in almost any ambient is silently possible. With the individual filter baskets an individually adapted filtration is possible, so the filtration can be tailored to the needs of the aquarium inhabitants. A wide variety of filter media from Aquael are available for this purpose: Ultramax/Maxikani Standard, Ultramax/Maxikani Finish, Ultramax/Maxikani Super Finish, BioCeraMax, CarboMax Plus, ZeoMax Plus and PhosMax. The Ultra Filter comes fully equipped with filter materials and is available in three different sizes. Thanks to Self-Priming, the Aquael Ultra Filter can be quickly connected and started. The Ultra Filter is equipped with two valves that are mounted in the housing and serve to regulate the water flow. These valves are used to regulate the water flow.


  • For aquariums up to 600 liters
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Adjustable water flow rate
  • Extremely quiet operation with ceramic rotor axles
  • Self-contained flooding of the filter chambers
  • Controllable flow rate
  • Variable use thanks to freely selectable filter media
  • Ideal for any type of freshwater aquarium

Technical data

Aquael Ultra Filter 900
Input12,9 W
Maximum flow rate1.000 l/h
Quantity of filter baskets3 Piece
Aquael Ultra Filter 1200
Input13,9 W
Maximum flow rate1.200 l/h
Quantity of filter baskets4 piece
Aquael Ultra Filter 1400
Input14,8 W
Maximum flow rate1.400 l/h
Quantity of filter baskets5 piece


Aquael Ultra Filter 900
Height370 mm
Lenght290 mm
Width270 mm
Diameter hose16/22 resp. 17 mm
Suitable for aquarium size60 – 200 Liter
Aquael Ultra Filter 1200
Height425 mm
Lenght290 mm
Width270 mm
Diameter hose16/22 resp. 17 mm
Suitable for aquarium size160 – 300 Liter
Aquael Ultra Filter 1400
Height480 mm
Lenght290 mm
Width270 mm
Diameter hose16/22 resp. 17 mm
Suitable for aquarium size260 – 600 Liter



The aquarium company Aquael, based in Poland, is known for its innovative and affordable aquarium accessories. With a passion for ecological technologies, the company’s products aim to support the lives of animals and inspire aquarists for a more natural experience.
Their wide range of products therefore includes everything for a successful underwater experience. Not only small and large aquariums, with or without base cabinets, but also aquarium technology such as filters, heaters, automatic feeders and small parts including scissors and fishing nets – Aquael has thought of everything.


Ultra 900, Ultra 1200, Ultra 1400


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